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CS92PRD (Requires SSL access)

Campus Solutions 9.2 Production Instance - PeopleTools 8.57.06
PUM Image 28 Applied:03/09/2023
ASP 22B57-PR01 - 31885 Inactive

FN92PRD (Requires SSL access)

Finance 9.2 Production Instance - Peopletools 8.57.06
PUM Image 46 Applied:03/09/2023
ASP 22B57-PR01 - 31885 Active

QA Instance

CS92QA (Requires VPN / SSL access)

CS 9.2 Test Instance - PeopleTools 8.57.06
PUM Image 28 Data Refreshed 03/14/2023
ASP 22B57-PR01 - 31885 Active

FN92QA (Requires VPN / SSL access)

Finance 9.2 Test Instance - Peopletools 8.57.06
PUM image 46 Data refreshed 03/14/2023
ASP 22B57-PR01 - 31885 Active

9.2 DEMO Instances (Contact ITS For Access)

FN92 (Requires VPN access)

FSCM PUM Imge Documentation

CS92 (Requires VPN access)

CS PUM Imge Documentation

Support Links

Peoplesoft Information Portal

Oracle Peoplesoft YouTube Channel

Peoplesoft Help


Finance 9.1 UPK


Peoplesoft Support Website

Higher Education User Group (HEUG)